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[Help] RTK ground station baseline? Or ground station location?

Author: mabrowning 2017-9-14 04:29
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The core RTK algorithms compute relative distance (baseline) between the ground station and individual mobile antennas. However, I can only find a way to get the aircraft's absolute (WGS84) GPS position from DJI's RTK interface. This implies knowing the ground station absolute position to the same precision as the relative baseline (cm)! I could imagine that the ground station would just "pick" one after a suitable startup time and never update the estimated location, implying precise (but not accurate) RTK derived location.
My use case doesn't care about absolute accuracy, but I do care immensely about precision between system reboots. As far as I can tell, the reported "RTK" location will change between reboots. How do I get access to the underlying computed baseline? Or at the verst least, the ground station's "RTK" location (so that I can subtract it to retrive the baseline)?

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