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[Device] Video Live Stream to Windows PC

Author: Marenzzi 2017-9-14 02:06
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Hello everyone,
we are using a Matrice 600 Pro with a Zenmuse Z3 connected. The Remote Controler is connected with an Android Tablet.
We know that this setup is not a normal one because of the size differenz between M600 an Z3, but this will be not the last camera we are using with the M600.

To do some Image Processing for research we would like to get the Live Video Stream from the Z3 to our Windows PC, to feed our Image Processing Software. Like it is easy going to get the Live Stream on the Android Tab with DJI GO.

What would be the best way to get the live stream on the PC?

Best regards

A couple of options:

1. Use the hdmi out on the rc, if there is one, to connect to a pc.
2. Use an android device with an hdmi out such as the nVidia k1 sheild.
3. Parse the video stream at the android device, conduct some image processing on the device before sending appropriate information to the pc.
2017-9-30 23:13
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