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[Discussion] Precise landing of DJI matrice 100 on a location

Author: Venkat_19 2017-9-12 17:59
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Hello All,
I am working on developing program for autonomous control of DJI matrice drone. I like to have precise landing of DJI drone with tolerance of approx 5cm in X and Y axes. For this I am trying to control the drone until 50cm from ground and then immediately landing() function is called. But after the landing() function is called, I see that the drone moves in X and Y directions as well. Due to this landing within defined tolerance fails. Is there a way, that I may write an own code for autolanding program with different constraints.Thanks.
I did this by not issuing the landing command but landed the aircraft by virtual commands until the engines shut off.
I was not after 5 cm tolerances but I used a phantom 4 and analyzed the video stream to recognize and land on the target. The landings were fairly accurate as long as there was not much wind.
2017-9-30 23:05
Hi Venkat.

Hi Venkat

I'm intend to use M100 drone, and trying to programming for precisely landing feature (5 cm).
Could you please help me some starting key points:
- Do you use Guidance module (with camera) and some image processing technique for this precisely landing ?
- Or you only using GPS on M100 ?
- It's a great help if you could share me some source code for starting with precisely landing.

Thank you.
2017-10-25 16:09
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