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[Bug] Coming back to Manual Control after Autonomous Flight

Author: axdhill 2017-9-6 07:40
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Hi all -

I'm flying an A3 flight controller on the Spreading Wings S1000+. My RC is a DJI DT7/DR16. I use an indoor motion capture system to have the drone loiter precisely in a given spot, which involves reading position values with my OES and then performing a basic PID correction using the Onboard-SDK (this updates about 9 Hz, and calls the core flight control methods that set thrust and attitude). The RC must be in P mode to gain control using the SDK, and then when I want to land the drone I switch the RC to A mode and land.

The problem is that after running autonomously for longer than about >30s, I cannot get control of the drone after switching the RC to A mode. It works instantly if the drone is only autonomous for less than 30s. When the problem occurs the drone loses autonomy but does not regain remote A-mode control. After an unpredictable interval of drifting around (~10 s) the RC does regains control and allow landing. I have also seen cases where the drone does other strange things after manual takeoff like going to IOC home-lock mode, and attempting to hit a 20-m home point. I do not know if these problems are related, but they are relatively new (it has not always acted this way).

This problem is hard to diagnose because it implicates the flight controller, the RC, and the Onboard-SDK. It is worth noting that I have another, identical setup which does not seem to exhibit these problems.

My question is, has anyone else seen an issue like this before? I know some folks have had trouble with the A3, but it could just as easily be the RC. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

tl;dr A3 won't always go back to remote manual control after flying autonomously with Onboard-SDK and almost crashes.

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