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[Help] How to solve the drone without position when enter VirtualStickMode?

Author: SDK01 2017-8-31 14:55
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I am using  SDK 4.2.2 to make app.It is understood that there is no position for the drone,when drone enter VirtualStickMode and send sendVirtualStickFlightControlData.Especially when the drone is in the air above 200 meters, the aircraft is not positioned, and it will be affected by the wind.If I take a picture at this time, I'll find that the photos are not in the same place, which will cause these photos to be unable to synthesize a panorama.What I want to know is whether you've provided a mechanism that allows drone to stay at a positioning point while enter VirtualStickMode.I'll repeat it in Chinese in the reply.I'd appreciate it when you helped me to solve this problem.Thank.
工程师们好,我使用的是SDK4.2.2版本进行开发,从之前的版本到现在最新版本,我一直都有一个疑问。就是当我想使用app控制飞机转机身(而不是使用遥控器的拨杆)的时候,必须要让飞机进入了VirtualStickMode 这个模式下,我查阅过一些资料,说是当进入这个模式下,飞机自动处在姿态模式,这将造成飞机没有定位。而没有定位导致了,当飞机在200以上的高空时,被风一吹飞机就开始飘移,离开了原来的位置。我的app想做的功能就是纯app控制(解放双手),飞机飞到指定点,然后自己转360的机身,每转一下拍照一下。等这样收集到的照片在合成全景。但是由于上述飞机无法固定在某个点拍摄的关系,拍出来的照片合成后的全景发生了断层,根本没法用。于是想知道,是不是有某些办法使得在发送sendVirtualStickFlightControlData的时候,能使飞机固定在某个点。谢谢您。
2017-8-31 15:03
There are two modes used with virtual stick - a regular or default mode and an advanced mode. The advanced mode does take the wind into account and will help to keep the drone still. However you need GPS lock in order for this to occur.
In using the advanced virtual stick mode, in wind, the aircraft does not seem as stable as just using the regular GPS mode. For instance, if you send a drone up in the air and let it hover using regular GPS mode - the drone seems more stable than trying the  same behavior using the virtual stick commands.
Also - to take advantage of the virtual stick advanced mode you need to use a certain firmware.   
2017-9-1 00:07
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