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[Help] Aount Inspire2 rotate Gimble

Author: yexdong 2017-8-25 15:37
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I  use DJI  4.2.2 SDK to develop my application ,and meet some problems in rotate Gimble.Why does the same API do not apply to different aircraft? In detail,i use my application to be able to control the Inspire 1 rotate the Gimble normally.but,it failed to control the Inspire 2.Because when use the application to control the Inspire 2,not only rotate Gimble but also rotate aircraft.Again,because the Inspire 2 don't have a simulator,it's hard for me to debug this problem.So I'd like to ask if there's another way to control the Inspire 2 to rotate Gimble specifically?Is there any explanation or distinction of this issue in the API Documentation Introduction?I'll repeat it in Chinese.If you help me to solve this problem, I'm very Thank to you.

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2017-8-25 15:43
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为了更有说服力,我司在贵司提供的示例代码上做了相关问题研究和复现。这里的示例代码指的是在此链接中下载的程序,其中使用的是ObjcSampleCode文件夹下的工程。在此示例代码中,提供了一个转动云台垂直角度的功能 。
这个示例代码的这个转云台功能最初的目的是控制云台的俯仰角。现在为了复现我们的问题,我们对这个功能进行了微调,即把控制俯仰角改为水平角以及改变DJIGimbalRotationMode,对应程序中的参数名称为pitch和yaw、mode。具体的改动如图对比。 对示例代码的调整仅有图上说明的这些地方,其他并未做改动。最终经过外出飞行测试,发现我们提及的问题复现了。程序的目的是要控制云台的水平转动,却是机身发生了转动,云台的水平方向没有动。希望贵司参照我司上述的改动,再进行测试。

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2017-8-25 15:46
DJI SDK Support
2017-9-4 12:26
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