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[Feedback] Replacements Not Available

Author: djiuser_FmwS5AW 2017-8-22 08:50
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Last edited by djiuser_FmwS5AWMZvSZ In 2017-8-22 08:52 Editor

For a company like DJI you would think you could buy replacement parts for any part of your DJI Phantom 3. But NO apparently after multiple phone calls to DJI and online support im told there is NO WAY to replace my camera and gimbal.

Why would a company produce something like a drone, knowing that people will crash them eventually and not have replacement parts available?

I was buying nothing but Horizion products before i thought i would try a DJI product. Now i totaly regret waisting my money on a DJI Phantom.
Horizion has ALL parts available if you need to replace them.

I will never spend another dime on a DJI product. You really need to make EVERY part available, not just the ones you want to make available.
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