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[Help] WIRELESS control of flight controller via onboard SDK

Author: Rufus2 2017-8-3 17:43
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Has anyone had any experience running onboard SDK on a computer not directly (physically) connected to the flight controllers?
Currently, putting the computer on our drone is not an option, hence we are investigating the possibility of using radio (or some wireless methods) of controlling it.

PC --> UART --> Radio - - - air - - - - Radio --> UART --> Flight controller

Is this possible?  Would be very grateful of any insight / potential problems / past experience that can be shared with us.

Last edited by In 2017-9-26 12:22 Editor

Conceptually, yes it is possible to do what you are proposing.  Its probably worth mentioning that such a system won't be robust to radio drop-outs and I would not expect the SDK to handle them gracefully. You'll want to test that thoroughly.  Some other issues to consider will be latency, bandwidth, and packet loss.

Latency may not be an issue for your application, however I'm not certain how the SDK will tolerate it.  Bandwidth will depend on what rate you intend to run the serial port at (230400 vs 9600 for example) and what rates you have the telemetry published at.

I expect that the biggest issue though would be packet loss.  Running a wire directly from the autopilot to a flight computer, typically, won't result in data being lost or corrupted.  With wireless systems this is a bigger concern particularly for radios that just act as a transparent serial pass-through.  Depending on the radio, it may have a built-in transport to handle corrupted data.
2017-9-26 12:20
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