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[Discussion] [DJI Official] Let's move the discussions to GitHub!

Author: rohitsant 2017-6-21 13:47
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Hey everyone - Rohit from DJI here. For starters, I'd like to apologize for the lack of official activity on these forums over the past few months. Making sure developer issues are sorted quickly is something we really want to do well, but having multiple channels for issues is slowing us down on that front.
With the OSDK 3.3 release last week, we want to renew our committment to helping you guys get the most out of the OSDK. To that end, I'd like to propose a few changes:

1. Let's move the issue reporting to Github. That's the best place to track issues with the source code. Submit bugs and if you have figured something out that might improve the codebase, PRs would be appreciated too.
2. Our email help ( is also another channel that many of you have been using in the recent past - one important thing to note is that all of the channels ultimately get reported to the same team to work on, and multiple channels for the same issue lead to fragmentation. The most efficient solution for everyone is to post questions on a single channel (preferably GitHub). I recognize that the success of this model depends very much on our response time, and we will make an effort to stay on top of this.
3. Let's attempt to standardize issue reporting - some info that would be helpful when reporting an issue would be:
a. What onboard computer/OS are you using?
b. Have you followed all the steps on the Run Sample app checklist?
c. Screenshot of your terminal output (or equivalent)
d.Picture of your hardware connections
e. Screenshot of Assistant 2's SDK page

P.S. It seems that one of the recurring issues with the OSDK has been platforms refusing to work as expected - that is not completely unexpected since there really is a huge number of potential platfoms the OSDK can run on, and we can only test so much in-house. That said, your feedback helps us prioritize testing on certain platforms, so keep that coming!

Rohit, to that end do you anticipate this forum being used for anything in the future?

Thanks to you and your team for all the support!
2017-6-22 00:40
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