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[Manifold] LiDAR Mapping with Manifold - 'point_cloud_las' doesn't work

Author: Vladimir8 2017-6-8 20:02
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Last edited by Vladimir8 In 2017-6-8 20:23 Editor

I want to try the DJI LiDAR Mapping functionality and have a problem with it.

Hardware setup is the following:

    Airborne: Matrice 100 + Manifold + Velodyne Puck LiDAR
    Ground based: Remote controller GL658C + IPhone 5S

Software setup:
1. The Manifold is setup to run the ROS nodes, specifically:
    - Velodyne LiDAR node
    - Loam_velodyne node
    - DJI_SDK_ROS compiled with -DUSE_POINTCLOUD2LAS=ON ($roslaunch dji_sdk sdk_manifold.launch)
    - DJI_SDK_DEMO client node ($rosrun dji_sdk_demo dji_sdk_client)
2. Velodyne Puck LiDAR is connected to the Manifold by Ethernet, and its scan packages are successfully received by the Manifold, if tested separately.
3. The IPhone5S runs the Mobile OnboardSDK iOS app, and is capable of remotely sending commands to the Matrice 100, e.g. "Take-off" and "Landing".

The problems:
1. When I try to start the "LiDAR logging" from the IPhone, the ROS client receives the command but fails to start the logging process, saying:
    [rospack] Error: package 'point_cloud_las' not found
    /home/ubuntu/catkin_ws/dji-ros-pointcloud2las/install-1604/lib/point_cloud_las/write: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
It seems like the "write" binary that comes with the pointcloud2las is compiled not for the Manifold platform.
2. If I install and run the client ROS from Ubuntu 14.04 on a desktop PC, the "write" binary seem to work, but then I get a lot of problems with its external linking to libraries, which seem to be available only for Ubuntu 16.04
3. The pointcloud2las package (from here) seems to be a precompiled package, and it is not compiled for Manifold. Also, it is full of absolute paths to the developer catkin workspace "/home/arjun/catkin_ws5" all across the package files (scripts and binaries), which is not very convenient.

1. Has anyone been successfull to run the LiDAR Mapping mission on a DJI drone using Manifold?
2. Is there source code for the pointcloud2las package, so I could compile it properly for the Manifold myself?

Hello Vladamir,

I am trying something similar and I was wondering if your issue was solved (and how)?

2017-9-21 00:45
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