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[Feedback] Drone position controled in realtime by a PC

Author: psper 2017-6-5 22:09
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Last edited by psper In 2017-6-7 08:34 Editor

Hi all,

Newbye question about crontrol a drone with software.

What I want is a SDK that allow me, develop a PC application that control my drone position.

My software depends of another external inputs and than calculates the desired future drone position. After that  I want to comunicate with drone to make it move to that position.

Which is best way to do it ?

Mobile SDK can control drone position ? ( I need a PC not an mobile APP).

Can I use that mobile SDK in a pc ?

Develop a PC soft that comunicates with an APP in a mobile phone that use Mobile SDK?

Any another strategy ?

Many thanks in advance,

Maybe you can try onboard-SDK
2017-6-10 01:27
hzhu39 Posted at 2017-6-10 01:27
Maybe you can try onboard-SDK

I have accomplished this for a couple of projects. Remember though there is a delay in getting the commands from the pc to the android device, fed through the rc and then onto the drone. If the delay is acceptable then it is possible to accomplish.
2017-9-30 23:21
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