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[Device] Read DJI M100 remote controller stick values through serial connection over USB

Author: Timebutt 2017-5-15 17:58
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I would love to read the stick values of my DJI M100 over a serial connection, so that I can use my controller not only to fly my drone in real life, but also in the wonderful AirSim simulator, provided by Microsoft Research. Previous generations of the DJI remote controller can be used this way (see mDjiController), as I have verified that myself using my Phantom 2 controller (NDJ6).

On to the much more recent M100 controller, when establishing a serial connection with the device I can't seem to get any response out of it. The Phantom 2 controller displayed the same behaviour, but after sending some initialization and synchronization byte series it starts transmitting data. I tried the same approach for the M100 controller, to no avail.

As such, my question: does anybody know how to set up a serial connection over USB with a DJI M100 remote controller to read the stick and button values?

All help is greatly appreciated!
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