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[Discussion] A3/M600 RC Signal strength/loss detection

Author: Dave373 2017-5-11 07:36
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After playing with the OnboardSDK-ROS for a couple of months now the biggest issue I have is that there is no way of detecting a loss of RC signal.

Even when the RC is turned off, the rc_channel messages keep coming in with an updating DJI timestamp! How is this a good thing?

There is no RSSI available to show if the signal is getting weak either. I have used other UAV systems, and ALL of them have some way of detecting the current RC state and/or RSSI readings.

DJI:  Please do something about this!  

Once this is fixed, is it possible for the OnboardSDK to accept controls if the RC is lost instead of the Hover/Home/Land options?

Think of this:  The M600 is doing a mission under SDK control and everything is going well until the RC is temporarily disabled by a nearby 2.4Ghz transmitting antenna. IF the drone was to continue flying, the RC would come back again, but instead, it stops and hovers in the 'no signal' area. Why can't the SDK keep the drone moving?

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