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[Help] Unable to takeoff using sample

Author: mikeaptonomy 2017-5-9 03:18
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Last edited by mikeaptonomy In 2017-5-9 15:09 Editor

I'm having trouble getting the A3 to takeoff in simulation. I'm using the sample (tried both blocking and non-blocking, both have the same behavior). This is my setup:

Macbook pro running DJI Assistant V1.1.1
Embedded system running 14.04 (gcc 4.8.4)
A3 running (2017.1.18, current)

Embedded system is connected to the A3 via USB (except power).

See the following as reported by the application:

./djiosdk-linux-sample -interactive
User Configuration read successfully.

These are your User_Config settings.
Serial port = /dev/ttyUSB0
Baudrate = 230400
App ID: 1040553
App Key: 098b7f752672ca5e9e938e3570e0fca14455e90087623739882b462912a634fd

Does everything look correct? If not, navigate to Linux/UserConfig.txt and make changes.

STATUS init,line 56: Attempting to open device /dev/ttyUSB0 with baudrate 230400...
STATUS init,line 65: ...Serial started successfully.
STATUS parseDroneVersionInfo,line 430: Device Serial No. = 0670131336
STATUS parseDroneVersionInfo,line 433: Hardware = A3
STATUS parseDroneVersionInfo,line 435: Firmware =

Attempting activation..
Automatic activation successful.
Obtained control successfully.

|------------------DJI Onboard SDK Interactive Sample------------|
|                                                                |
| The interactive mode allows you to execute a few commands      |
| to help you get a feel of the DJI Onboard SDK. Try them out!   |
|                                                                |
| Standard DJI Onboard SDK Usage Flow:                           |
| 1. Activate (The sample has already done this for you)         |
| 2. Obtain Control (The sample has already done this for you)   |
| 3. Takeoff                                                     |
| 4. Execute Aircraft control (Movement control/Missions/Camera) |
| 5. Return to Home/Land                                         |
| 6. Release Control (The sample will do this for you on exit)   |
|                                                                |
| Available commands:                                            |
| [a] Request Control                                            |
| Release Control                                            |
| [c] Arm the Drone                                              |
| [d] Disarm the Drone                                           |
| [e] Takeoff                                                    |
| [f] Waypoint Sample                                            |
| [g] Position Control Sample: Draw Square                       |
| [h] Landing                                                    |
| Go Home                                                    |
| [j] Set Gimbal Angle                                           |
| [k] Set Gimbal Speed                                           |
| [l] Take Picture                                               |
| [m] Take Video                                                 |
| [n] Exit this sample                                           |
|                                                                |
| Type one of these letters and then press the enter key.        |
|                                                                |
| If you're new here, try following the usage flow shown above.  |
|                                                                |
| Visit for more.    |
|                                                                |
|------------------DJI Onboard SDK Interactive Sample------------|
Takeoff started successfully.
Takeoff failed. Aircraft is still on the ground.
Trying to takeoff again..
Takeoff started successfully.
Takeoff failed twice. Aircraft is still on the ground.

In the simulator, I see the DJI attempt to spin the fans and then it stops abruptly. There's no error message reported by the A3, only that the status returned is that it's still on the ground.

I'm out of suggestions of what to try next. Does anyone have any debugging suggestions?

Update - it looks like I'm able to fix the problem by changing the default failsafe behavior to hover instead of land. Not sure why this would be required in order to run the sample SDK, but FYI if anyone else has this problem.
I cant takeoff, the dji go said: 位置错误(code 113),无法起飞,请联系售后人员
2017-5-10 17:57
Is your compass is shown as connected and calibrated from the DJI Go App when you connect it to the drone?
If not, try to connect and calibrate the compass and then try the sample again.
2017-5-10 20:14
Interesting!  So you had to enable the SDK failsafe, and set the default behavior to hover?  

I've been very curious about that SDK failsafe command... thanks for the info Mike.

- Chris
2017-5-23 23:52
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