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[Feedback] problem with data transparent transmission

Author: Kazimierz 2017-5-8 22:06
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I use this code fragment to send data usind data transparent transmision:
public byte[] dataMichal= new byte[10];
private void toDevice(){
    dataMichal = tekst.getText().toString().getBytes();
    DJIAircraft mAircraft = (DJIAircraft)DJISDKManager.getInstance().getDJIProduct();
    DJIFlightController mFlightController = mAircraft.getFlightController();
            new DJICommonCallbacks.DJICompletionCallback() {
                public void onResult(DJIError pError) {}

There is a receiver connected to A3 UART port -

When I try to receive data from mentioned device using RealTerm I am able to get only some random values although I send the same thing. I think that connection settings could be a problem I don't know how to set it properly. Can anybody tell me how to set a receiver and RealTerm get correct data?

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