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[Help] Getting time and date from broadcast data

Author: harold6 2017-5-4 04:33
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Hello, I am using the onboard-sdk on a raspberry pi and Matrice 100 to get position information while flying. I am also trying to get date and time information which will be used for file naming and timestamping in the data stream. I am wondering how to get both from the API->BroadcastData. I can get the timestamp and position but not time and date. I know that the GPS info is all zeroed out for the Matrice 100. Thank you
Look for the function "getTimeStamp" ... it's used in a few files like DJI_Link.cpp and DJI_APP.cpp.

Also perhaps you can just implement a counter in the file naming structure, that every time your application starts up it finds the newest log file in that directory and increments the new filename to start a new file.

Good luck!
- Chris
2017-5-24 00:02
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