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[Help] Odroid XU4 +ROS + Matrice 100_Error 449

Author: Kiong 2017-5-4 02:32
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Hey guys, I posted a similar issue in Github.

Trying to link my Odroid XU4 (Ubuntu 14.04 + Onboard SDK ROS 3.2) with my Matrice 100. Received the following message:

I have read through issues #77, #104 and config my setup according:
  • Latest firmware for DJI Go app, Remote control,  Matrice 100, Onboard-SDJ-ROS 3.2
  • All connections are made;
    DJI GO app connected to Remote Controller
    Matrice 100 connected to Odroid GPIO with careful emphasis on Tx and Rx matching
    Matrice 100 connected to Laptop via USB
    Running DJI Assistant 2, with API checked
    Running SSH connection to my Odroid (with internet connection)
  • Configured the sdk_manifold.launch file:
    Updated App ID and Key
    Serial set to ttySAC0
    Baud rate unchanged at 230400
  • Toggled the F mode around, kept it and ran it in F mode

My initial thought is that I got the serial_name wrong. So I experimented with all the available ttySAC* available from dmseg | grep tty*
I have checked the groups rights.

Some more photos for troubleshooting.

To verify the wiring of Odroid GPIO

I noticed for the new firmware of the Remote Controller, we do not have the option to turn off the IOC. The settings only have the multiple flight modes. I have also tried toggling the F mode around, and leaving it on F mode before roslaunch

I'm not sure about the M100, but I am currently using and Odroid XU4 with a Matrice 600 so the following may or may not be applicable:

the GPIO pin outs on the Odroid are 1.8V, whereas the API port on the Matrice 600 is 3.3V (this may or may not be the same on the Matrice 600). to ensure the correct voltages are used, I use the Odroid bi-directional Shifter shield (or you could implement your own). This could potentially be the issue you have as 1.8V may or may not be enough to trigger a 'high' signal to the M100.

2017-5-11 13:31
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