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[Help] Control Onboard SDK Through the controller?

Author: fake-name 2017-5-2 08:40
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Is it possible to control the drone via an interface like the onboard SDK connection, but via the controller?

I know the controller has a serial port (the USB micro-B interface), but it doesn't seem to be used for anything I can find.

Right now, I need to be able to dynamically move the drone in response to signals a stationary system.  Unless there's a way to control the drone from a PC, I'll probably wind up having to add an additional communication channel for the serial interface. While I don't see why that won't work, it seems kind of a ludicrous solution given that there is already a comprehensive radio-link from the drone to the controller.

Alternatively, is there any way to use the "Mobile" SDK as part of a desktop application?
You would have to write your own app using the Mobile SDK and providing an interface that you can control from another device (e.g. a PC via BlueTooth link).
2017-5-9 05:26
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