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[Device] Steering with virtual buttons on a display

Author: bschla 2017-4-26 20:44
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Hello DJI Developers!

My question is a general one, concerning possibilites of steering the DJI phantom 4 with an android application (or custom display devices, which is based on android)

Right now our setup is to steer the Phantom 4 with the Lightbridge 2 and a custum android application. The android application can steer (virtual buttons) and receive the video stream from the Phantom 4. Everything works like we want: But there is one problem, we do not want to connect the tablet with the Lightbridge controller, since it is "just" used for the wireless connection with the Phantom 4, every input is happening on the tablet. (so it is very bulky)

Is there a way to steer and receive the Phantom 4 stream with JUST the android tablet/device?

For example:
1) use Lightbridge ground station with phantom 4 (steering and livestream)
2) use a wifi/bluetooth module somehow?
3) or another wireless connection?


The answer for the phantom 4 is no. The set up you have implemented is the method to use - app connected to rc which is then connected to the drone via lightbridge.
There are a couple of drones such as the phantom advanced and mavic which use wireless for the connection - but I believe even these drones need to pass the commands through a rc.
If you want to bypass the rc, then you will need to use a drone such as the matrice 100 which would allow you to set up a separate communication path between an app and the drone. This would be a much more complicated project.
2017-4-29 13:27
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