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[Device] Matrice 100 - Executing simulator in Virtual machine

Author: Venkatachalam 2017-4-19 20:46
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Hello All,

I am new to DJI drone and I like to run the simulator in windows OS of virtual machine. The idea is to execute the ROS program on linux and see the results in the simulator. ROS is executed in the host OS Ubuntu and the simulator (DJI Assistant 2) is installed in the windows os (virtual machine). Until now, I am able to run the simulator and the device is detected in the simulator after connecting the USB. But the simulator screen is not opening. The "Open" function on the simulator is not functioning in the virtual machine.

Another question on this end: I am not completely sure, how the simulator and the ROS program can be executed simulataneously from the same USB port. This is because, the drone is connected to the computer and ROS commands are given from ubuntu via USB. After receiving the commands, the movement of the drone will be seen in simulator which runs in the virtual machine. This requires USB to be connected, but the USB can be used either by guest OS or host OS and not by both at a time. Can someone help me to find a solution on this?


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