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[Help] can't activate sdk on M100

Author: tonelta 2017-4-12 11:30
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I'm trying to activate onboard sdk on M100, with a STM32F405 board
I've built the sample project and downloaded it into the board, linked the M100 and the STM32's usart ports, turned on M100 and started DJI GO
basicly I think I've done everything according to the instruction

but after i sent the request version and activation command from my PC with Realterm
there isn't any response
nothing is displayed on the terminal

i'm pretty sure i got the baud rate and the hardware setup right

what should i do?
any help is appreciated.

the insurction i followed

i know the instruction used a STM32F407 board, but i checked the data sheet and find out their pins for usart are the same

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Do you have an oscilloscope? Using that to check the serial lines would be where I'd start.
2017-5-2 08:41
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