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[Feedback] follow 'the umpire' mode. Please comment

Author: sprinterman 2017-4-7 12:52
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RE; Follow 'the umpire' mode. Please comment

We have a fast-moving sport (Australian Rules football, which is not unlike soccer in speed) to film live and want to use the drone to follow the umpire at a low level so we can get close to the action.
I would love some comments on how suitable is the phantom at this time to this purpose.
(Especially if someone is already working on this, I have no desire to re-create the wheel. But would be happy to support them some way. So please contact me.)
Immediate hurdles that I can foresee include: (a) Will the SDK support changing the minimum height? (10 metres above would be a waste of time, we'd need the camera at a height that is more like 10 feet.) Can we do it via the SDK or do we have to go deeper into the programming?
(b) When it is in the 'Follow Me' mode, and following a moving person, is the re-correction of direction by the drone fast enough to cope so the cameraman could keep the camera on the ball / action area ? (I saw the drone on Youtube taking fair time to re-correct its direction when following a car that turned left. An umpire will be moving around a fair bit. But the cameraman only has to keep the camera focus in the general area so it might be fine. If those with more experience with this could please comment it would be very appreciated.

I look to any useful comments,
Thank you,

I doubt the current follow me functionality will be acceptable. In addition to setting a minimum distance follow me distance of more than 10',  I think one issue is the ability to select and then successfully follow an umpire out of a group of people on a field. If you were trying to follow one person on an empty field - that would be ok. However trying to pick out one specific person, even with a unique jersey will probably not work.
If you are looking for a unique solution then feel free to pm me. I might have a workable solution for you needs by adding some computer vision into the process.  
2017-5-15 00:04
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