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[Help] how to receive trigger from a3

Author: artica 2017-4-3 18:44
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I am using the following setup:
Matrice600, Ronin-MX and two cameras (thermal and Mapir). Ronin-MX is connected to the M600 with the CAN cable.

The cameras are connected to a small windows machine (lattepanda), the purpose of this computer is mainly to grab RAW images from the cameras and logging GPS data from the A3.

On the A3, the PWM trigger is connected to an Arduino, when the Arduino receives a Trigger from the A3 will route the event to the computer, which will grab an image from both cameras and save a log with the GPS data.   

For the mission planner we are using DJI GS Pro.

After adding our custom camera on GS Pro, it shows that no camera is connected. When flying the mission the A3 doesn't send any Trigger event.

If I manually press the trigger button on the M600 remote controller, I receive a Trigger event from the A3.

My question resides in what am I missing here? Shouldn't the A3 be sending Triggers while flying the mission?

Any help will be much appreciated.

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