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[Discussion] Creating a follow me mode with GPS garmin watch and wifi

Author: gapostoly 2017-4-1 19:43
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I have this crazy idea and want to know if it's would be possible before to buy a mavic pro.
- I have a Garmin Fenix watch :
   - connects to Wifi
   - great autonomy
   - GPS
   - waterproof
- I would like to do this :
   - configure the drone to be a wifi host
   - connect the watch to the wifi of the drone
       -> can work in any place, without need of cell data
   - build a simple application on the Garmin that streams GPS coordinates to the drone while I am moving
   - build the app on the drone that does the follow me based on this stream
   - in addition, the buttons of the watch could be used to switch between different follow modes

=> questions are :
     - will it be possible to launch the drone with the remote and then shut off the remote and it would still fly ?
     - will it be possible to program down to wifi level to turn the drone into a wifi host ?
     - etc

Any thoughts ?

The best follow me drone might be the airdog now, but it is only a follow me drone. Doing this would turn DJI best drones into great follow me drones in all conditions. Note that this can be combined with active track for focus.
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