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[Bug] Compiling usb example on Jetson TX1 with latest L4T Image

Author: malonsoj 2017-3-28 18:57
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I tried to compile the guidance example as described here: ... t/run-examples.html, however, I receive the following linking error:

/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /home/ubuntu/DJI/Guidance-SDK/so/TX1/ when searching for -lDJI_guidance
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lDJI_guidance

My Jeston TX1 is flashed with the latest L4T image. The Jetson TX1 L4T image I'm using is 24.2.1.

Would it be possible to have a new library .so built for the TX1 for the latest L4T image? If not, would it be possible to download the library and manually compile/install it instead?

Found a temp fix: down grade to Jetpack 2.1 for the TX1. Also, had to link with the library for XU3 to avoid linking issues with libusb. I believe there's an issue with the way the TX1 DJI Guidance library is compiled and linked with libusb. This library needs to be rebuilt and updated for the latest L4T images. Haven't fully tested it guidance connected, but seems to compile and run. An updated library would be great. Sucks to have to revert to an old TX1 image.
2017-3-30 03:57
Can we expect an update to this library for the latest L4T image? Or at least provide the source so that we can compile ourselves.
2017-4-7 00:21
I dug a bit further into what the issue is: turns out, the original library is compiled for a 32-bit linux system, where as the latest L4T image is a 64-bit system. Again, when can we expect an update or the source so that we can compile?
2017-4-8 00:08
It is very disappointing that a global company such as DJI does not respond to customer requests in a timely fashion. My suggestion to future customers: don't buy DJI.
2017-5-28 22:37
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