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[Help] Linux Onboard Guide Issues

Author: kyle.w.herndon 2017-3-23 05:57
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I've been following the Linux Onboard guide here: ... s/Linux/README.html

I've been having issues getting any connection. I am using an A3 wtih the S1000 and having been getting various errors when trying to run djiosdk-linux-sample, and the errors appear nondeterministic. I run the same command at a later time with different result. Here are the errors I've gotten:

ERROR validateSerialDevice,line 141: Baud rate mismatch found. Make sure DJI Assistant 2 has the same baud setting as the one in User_Config.h

ERROR validateSerialDevice,line 136: No data on the line. Is your drone powered on?

ERROR parseDroneVersionInfo,line 249: Drone version was not obtained. Please restart the program or call getDroneVersionAutomatic activation successful.
Failed to obtain control.                                                                                               
Your RC mode switch is not in mode F. (Is the RC connected and paired?)   

I haven't been able to find any documentation on these errors, and their inconsistency is causing issues with debugging. Does anyone know how I go about getting the sample working?
I've gotten similar, unresolvable issues with the Linux Onboard SDK, which is worrisome. Which version of the Linux one were you running-- the old command line one or the newer one?

Regarding the errors, I assume you checked that the baud rates matched, your drone was powered on, and that the RC was in mode F and connected and paired? In my case, the above were true and I still got errors.

How about the Windows version, by chance? Any luck with that? I was able to get the QT sample working using my PC as a dummy OES.
2017-3-29 01:35
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