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[Feedback] Phantom 4 - Second Camera

Author: Henning Viljoen 2017-3-22 15:44
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Last edited by Henning Viljoen In 2017-3-22 16:04 Editor

We are currently trying to use a 3rd party thermal camera as a second camera on the phantom 4. We'd like to stream the video to the device from the aircraft but understand that the phjantom 4 does not support a second camera feed. i.e. AV port ?

The alternative is to develop an application that can do this for us. So i have a couple of questions i hope someone can help me with.

Is it possible to use the Wifi link between the aircraft and remote to stream additional video feeds ? I.e. to have a RasberryPi onboard the aircraft to connect directly to the aircraft via serial / wifi to stream the video feed ?

I look forward to your response!

What you want to accomplish is not possible with the phantom 4. There are some companies that will place a thermal camera behind the phantom 4 camera. However the feed for the thermal camera is separate from the DJI system.
It is possible to accomplish what you want with the M200. The M200 will come stock with both a visual and thermal camera and it will be possible to stream both data streams all within the DJI system.
2017-4-14 07:05
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