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[Help] Camera trigger by waypoints

Author: manleypv 2017-3-4 05:55
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I'm wanting to fly multiple sensors on an M600, one of which is a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal camera. I want to fly both sensors at the same time, so a Zenmuse gimbal isn't an option. I know I can hook the FLIR up to the A3 controller and trigger it manually, but need to take multiple images over a large area to eventually make a mosaic. So the images will have to be taken at pre-determined points and geotagged. Right now, my idea is to just attach a PixHawk for only GPS camera triggering. So I would make a flight plan in Mission Planner for the camera, and a similar flight plan in a DJI app for the actual flight.

Is there currently a way to trigger a camera by waypoints within DJI or 3rd party products? Or should I stick to my PixHawk idea?


i think it is a absolute yes for your question.
but i am just anther developer starting using onborad SDK.
so, let's wait the tech guy's answer.
2017-3-6 17:04
Last edited by KopterKraft In 2017-3-7 17:17 Editor

As reflected already on your question in the Mobile SDK section, this could be solved by a combining Mobile SDK and Onboard SDK including data transparent tranmission.

I developed a solution like this. It can generate a signal on one of the PWM channels at each waypoint in order to trigger a camera:
2017-3-7 17:16
I guess, something like this is coming close to your requirements:
2017-3-30 02:05
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