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[Help] Motors go to idle and drone falls from the sky

Author: ProDroneDev 2017-2-28 21:29
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We have acquired an A3 to implement our algorithms on DJI controllers. We have developed on the simulation and the solution seems to work fine, but when we test the solution on a flying uav, as soon as the sdk gets control and we send instructions, the motors go to idle, and the uav falls from the sky.
The controller has 1.7.0 version firmware, and we are using lightbridge 2 to control it. We are using Onboard ROS SDK 3.2.1.
When in manual control, the uav flies well.

We start by requesting sdk control and sending local_position at 10hz using a rosservice call to /dji_sdk/local_position_control.

We also tried the example in the sdk package and the behavior is the same. We tried changing the desired altitude to be much higher, and also tried to use global position control but the result was the same.

We would appreciate if you could assist us with this issue as soon as possible.

our team want to make the projection ,which can  catch the car on the road.  we use the computer vision calculate the flight point .  then ,drive the drone to follow the car . but ,in that processing so many problem we should to handle. i think we can talk about it .  QQ:1746430162
2017-5-4 10:08
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