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[Help] Qt Creator onboardSDK sample ERROR

Author: Eduardo0 2017-2-23 11:19
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Last edited by Eduardo0 In 2017-2-23 12:32 Editor

So, I tried to execute the onboardSDK sample, I type in the ID and password, I open the COM without any problems and get:
STATUS QtOnboardsdkPortDriver::init,line 35: port COM5 open success
STATUS QtOnboardsdkPortDriver::init,line 42: BaudRate: 230400

Then I hit "Activate" button and I get this error:
ERROR DJI:nboardSDK::CoreAPI::activate,line 388: Please call getDroneVersion first.

I assumed it was because I had to click on the "version" button, but when I do absolutely nothing happens, no message, no nothing.


Hey I'm having the same problem... did you get around this at all ? thanks
2017-3-7 09:14
Hello. I have a same problem. I am using Jetson Tegra board tk1. It is running 14.04 ubuntu. Tried everything and still it is showing the same error !! Is it happening for update error ? Please anyone answer it. I need urgent solution. Now feeling so hopeless. Any kind of help is appreciated.
2017-3-9 19:58
I had the same problem. Change COM port is nothing happens, verify your ttl-usb connection. In my case, TxD and RxD were switched.
2017-7-20 06:06
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