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[Discussion] Regarding the guidance and onboard manifold

Author: Archit Kamath 2017-1-30 13:40
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Dear sir,
We have procured a tegra Ki manifold and the entire matrice 100 setup. We went through the documentation of the guidance sdk and found ourself in a fix:

We have the following questions for you:

1.) When you are talking about Linux and Windows in your documentation, do you mean an external PC which i have to use to connect to the matrice guidance or is it the onboard manifold?
2.) If it is using the manifold, kindly let us know as to how to install libusb?
3.) How to perform autonomus operations such as visual tracking, take off and landing using the guidance and manifold?
4.) When you are talking about ROS and supported sdk packages, is it the ROS installed on manifold or our PC?

No Answer...
2017-5-15 13:38

1) It depends on what documentation you are talking about. To be more explicit: Everything in the Onboard SDK documentation is related to any Linux PC (whether it is a laptop, a desktop, a Manifold, etc.); when you read Manifold's documentation, sometimes it refers to itself and some others to an external Linux PC (e.g. in the recovery section).
2) My manifold already had "lsusb" installed... If yours does not have it, please have a look at: or try to Google it...
3) Autonomous operations require you to design and implement the high-level control algorithms, or if you have GPS signal you can use the waypoint control provided by the SDK. You can implement (i.e. type and store) your algorithms (code) in your Manifold and connect it to the autopilot.
4) ROS is not pre-installed on Manifold, as stated on the User Manual, you need to install it yourself. In addition, you can also have it on your PC (e.g. laptop or desktop) if you want to.

I hope these items are useful for you and other people.
2018-2-3 02:30
Last edited by hgvicban In 2018-4-6 13:55 Editor

1.) It depends on how you would want to access the data from your Guidance. You could access it and do some calibration both in Windows and Linux. But, for your setup, I believe this part refers to Manifold.
2.) You may refer to Guidance SDK Developer Guide for installation of libusb. They suggest you download it from instead of apt-get.
3.) You may want to checkout Onboard SDK for this. Manifold supports Onboard SDK.
4.) For your setup, Manifold.

2018-4-6 13:53
libo456@hotmail Posted at 2018-2-3 02:30

1) It depends on what documentation you are talking about. To be more explicit: Everything i ...

excuse me,can you run guidance SDK on manifold?

or should revise makefile before run examples?
2018-4-17 13:58
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