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[Device] Phantom4 looses control.

Author: kingdebby1 2017-1-22 17:56
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Last edited by kingdebby1 In 2017-1-22 18:01 Editor

Hi guys, My Phantom4 was on its regular flight, not more that 20m high (within clear line of sight) and all of a sudden it began to go higher up and forward so fast without being controlled by me and disappers into the air.

From the video seen on my control Radio screen, it had gone about 850m far from my position till I lost total contact with the device

This happened on Thursday 20th Jan. 2017 at about 11:30AM, No traces after on where about.

Does anyone here know what could have gone wrong?

There are a variety of issues that could have gone wrong. However this is a developer forum and not a general user forum. There is another DJI forum that is more suitable for your question.
2017-2-1 01:08
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