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[Device] Remote Control Drone wit API

Author: dato0011 2017-1-22 04:50
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I'm very interested in Drone programming with Computer Vision/OpenCV. I'm looking for my first drone to experiment and learn this area. What would you reccommend as my first steps? Note that I'm an experienced developer with 10+ years of experience.
Ideally, I'd like to have a drone with GSM module for 4G net connectivity with my server.
The drone will stream video to my server and the server will have all decision making, including flying direction, face/gesture detection etc.
Which drone would you recommend? For first steps, connecting with any radio transmitter/receiver or wifi is ok.
If the drone will have attachable modules will be a huge plus, but not a mandatory.
Regarding the price range, the lower the better of course

Look at the mavic and phantoms. These are the low end drones. If price is a large issue then you might want to look at the phantom 3 models since they are being discontinued and so you probably find one for a good price.
2017-1-22 05:02
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