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[Device] Help with the A3 and non-DJI RC

Author: jlsanhueza 2017-1-12 05:40
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Last edited by jlsanhueza In 2017-1-12 05:42 Editor

Hi, we are members of GFDAS SA. in Chile.

Recently we bought the A3 system installed on our S1000drone. We have problems connecting a non-DJI controller (FUTABA T8J withDRAGONLINK) and Datalink (2.4GHz and 900MHz) to our A3 system, it doesn’trecognize neither the controller and the Datalink.

We used the DJI Assistant 2 to calibrate the controller(connected to the SBUS port of the A3) but without any results using the SBUSsetup on the Remote Controller window. Moreover, our Datalink connected to anexternal computer using the software Ground Station couldn’t recognize ourS1000 drone connected to the A3 system.

Also we need to mention that previously we had the A2 systemwith all the setup described before and it worked perfectly fine, withoutconnection issues between the A2, non-DJI controller and Datalink.

So we are looking for support to connect correctly ournon-DJI controller and Datalink to the A3 system.

*We ensure that all the connections on the A3 are setcorrectly.
** Also we are looking to make it work without the LB2.

Thanks for your support.
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