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[Feedback] Difference between Mobile and Onboard SDK

Author: haseebulhassan 2017-1-5 02:44
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I am very much confused about the difference between mobile sdk and onboard sdk.
Please clarify me if i am wrong. My understanding so far is :
Mobile sdk is used to develop a mobile based ground control station app for mission planing and executions.
No hardware onboard is changed. Mobile communicates with LightBridge which then communicates wirelessly to controller on board.
No custom datalink can be used.
Onboard Sdk is used to control onboard controller via OES.
Where is ground control station ? Is mission planning and execution is done onboard?
Does it mean we can use any custom datalink to communicate with OES which then communicates with controller?
The flight controller does not require any datalink?

Kindly clarify

The Mobile SDK is used for building apps on your iOS or Android mobile device that stays on the ground with the pilot. These apps then communicate over the DJI wireless data link via the provided API.

The Onboard SDK is designed to run on a control computer located on the multicopter to allow autonomous or other functionality.   That control computer can be connected via an independent data or telemetry link.   While this is happening, the DJI data link is maintained, and can enable/disable and override the Onboard SDK commands.

Your ground control station could be on your smartphone, and pass along data over the DJI data link (there is some limited bandwidth), or the ground control station could be a separate computer.   
2017-1-6 11:28
See also the explanation and example, I gave you in your other thread:
2017-1-7 00:10
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