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[Device] M100 Gimbal Doesn't Work

Author: johnathan 2016-12-29 05:02
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Last edited by johnathan In 2017-1-3 15:25 Editor

Does anyone have a working M100 + Zenmuse X3 gimbal? I haven't been able to make the gimbal work on two seperate M100's. The video is upside down in the DJI Go app and there is no gimbal control, although I can see the gimbal does move slightly during power up. I've already updated the correct firmware etc, and I've tried the gimbal on an OSMO and it works perfectly. I've swapped gimbals and even bought a different gimbal wire/installation kit, thinking that was the issue.

I'm interested to know if anyone has theirs working, and what firmware version they are on, or if anyone from DJI who monitors this forum could please provide some assistance.
I've same problem.
2018-1-19 15:01
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