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[Feedback] Drone for research and programming

Author: sasi2 2016-12-20 16:32
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I need to purchase a new drone for research purposes and need some help from you guys!!
I need to program this drone to do some stuff and move according to an algorithm.

I need the Drone and the SDK to be capable of doing the following:

1- Move according to generated x , y , and z positions.
2- The controller(main) mobile device will send some data to this drone and this drone should connect to mobile devices in its neighborhood and send them the data it currently received.
3- i need to be able to read the signal strength between the drone and the devices in its neighborhood.

so the senario is as follows:1- the main phone will instruct the drone on how to move
2- the main phone will send some data to the drone
3- when the drone receives the data it send them to the nearby devices in its flying neighberhood.

so the drone is acting as a communication link between the main phone and the other phones.  
Is this possible through any drone and if yes can you suggest one ? And is the SDK capable of helping me to undergo these communications? Any comments and suggestions is appreciated!!!!

Thank you!!
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