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[Feedback] Connecting camera to Onboard Computer Matrice 100

Author: Eduardo0 2016-12-15 16:14
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I'm currently working in a research project which involves the use of a drone using an onboard computer with a camera.

For now we were thinking of using a Matrice 100 with a Jetson TX1 for the drone and onboard computer, but we need to connect the camera directly to the onboard computer.

I have two questions: can we connect the camera in the gimbal to the onboard computer directly (i.e. usb cable)?
And also, if this is not possible, how difficult is it to extract the data from the camera using another method (maybe through the onboard computer)?

Thnak you very much.
X3 gimbal camera has custom connector - so no usb is possible. Its meant to connect to Manifold computer(tegra-k1) - it might be possible to connect to tx1 but you would have figure out wiring. might use CSI-2 connection?
2016-12-19 00:55
Most onboard computers will support USB cameras or other camera integration options (like the RasPi camera for the Raspberry Pi). If you can show th image on the screen of that computer, you can connect the HDMI output of this computer to the N1 video encoder.
2017-1-7 00:07
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