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[Device] Controlling "Dji Phantom 4" from a computer

Author: alweish 2016-11-21 00:48
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As a part of a research project, we've bought the phantom 4 and we would like to control it from a PC not a mobile phone, Is there any direct way to control it from a computer or any indirect way to control it from a computer through a mobile app/emulator?

Any details will be highly helpful and appreciated,

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At this time no. There is a mobile sdk for ios and a mobile sdk for android. I do not believe there is a plan to develop a sdk that is computer based (pc or apple).

If you want to control the drone via a computer program, you might be able to make something work but it would by quite round-a-bout such as having a pc based program, that directs an android app using web services or other methods, that in turn runs a program that interacts with the rc and drone.

Depending on what you want done, and the direction I think I will be heading, is to use android chromebooks that runs google play apps. At least this opens up a form factor that is larger than using a small tablet and/or phone.  
2016-11-21 13:31
Is this true for all drone, even the Matrice Series? If yes that basically kills DJI drones for serious applications. I doubt Android dependencies are something I could ship to customers, and it makes it very hard to integrate the drone into any form of system.
2017-4-10 15:54
I'm pretty sure the Matrice drones can be controlled via ground computer... look for the sample code here online. Those also support the onboard SDK which controls from a computer on the aircraft itself, and I've read some people do that with a second data link to their ground station.
2017-5-14 00:20
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