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[Help] Read greyscale images simultaneously

Author: markus.mueller5 2016-10-4 15:47
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Hello everybody,

I want to read all left and right greyscale images of all 5 guidance sensors simultaneously using DJI Guidance SDK (no depth nor disparity images).

1. Is this technically possible?
2. If so, according to the data structure 'image_data' (Guidance SDK Reference), one should get the greyscale images using  
*m_greyscale_image_left[CAMERA_PAIR_NUM]; with CAMERA_PAIT_NUM = [e_vbus1, ..., e_vbus5]
According to GuidanceNode.cpp I use
memcpy(, data->m_greyscale_image_left[CAMERA_ID], IMAGE_SIZE);
This is in the 'int my_callback'-Function.

If I do :
g_greyscale_image_left.empty(),  it's empty.

The CAMERA_ID is set in the main-function. I guess this ID is given to the my_callback-function. And only images with that ID (e.g. CAMERA_ID = e_vbus1) can be acquired.

Has anybody done something similar yet and may help?
Thank you.

I'm using the Manifold as embedded system and DJI Guidance SDK.

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Found the answer here
2016-10-4 19:34
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