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[Discussion] Guidance Compatability with Matrice 600

Author: david905 2016-7-19 02:02
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We have a customer that is interested in an automated inspection platform. The payload would be beyond that capabilites of the Matrice 100.

The inspections would take place in a dynamic outdoor environment, so we would like to have sense and avoid capability.

It seems that waypoint navigation with sense and avoid is already plug and play with the Matrice 100, but according to the Matrice 600 product page it is not yet supported on the 600. Is there any word on when this support will be added?

If not, would it be feasible to add this functionality using a companion computer communicating with the guidance via USB and the aircraft via Onboard SDK?

Thank you,

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I have interest in a similar integration as well, I asked DJI support about the compatibility, they mentioned they would likely add the features to the M600 but I don't know if they already have. I would assume that since Guidance is compatible with DJI SDKs and M600 is compatible with both, OnBoard and Mobile SDKs, it should be able to integrate. Not sure if the flight control system for the M600 has a CAN bus entrance or if A3 system can interpret the Guidance input (In a forum publication by Administrator DJI-CS, states Open to Development "... It has a dual parallel CAN and API ports for connecting DJI devices including the Guidance sensor system..."). Another concern would be the power output from the M600, I don't know if it can withstand several systems, or how many to be more accurate (assuming stated integration with Guidance).
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you!
2017-2-25 02:01
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