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[Discussion] Guidance Sensing System, time synchronization

Author: jespestana 2016-4-20 22:26
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I originally posted this question here: . This is a repost trying to get information about the time synchronization feature of the DJI Guidance.

Hi all,

I want to combine the measurements from multiple sensors from the Guidance system in a State Estimation framework. However, to do so I need to be able to timestamp the measurements consistently. This is a big issue in the robotics community, specially when combining image data with information from other sensors. For instance, I need to have the image data and the IMU measurements in the same "time axis", i. e. that the timestamps are comparable. Two measurements from different sensors at the same timestamp should have been acquired at the same time instant (in "reality"). For image data this is ambiguous, since the images are acquired during the "exposure time", but the timestamp is usually set to the middle of the exporsure time.

Anyway, I could not find any information about whether the measurements the Matrice M100 measurements are synchronized. I am hoping that since the Guidance has 10 cameras, 5 ultrasound sensors and an IMU, that all these measurements are time synchronized with each other. Please, if this is the case, it would be great that it was mentioned in the Guidance Sensing System manual.

Ae these measurements also synchronized with the DJI Zenmuse X3 (if mounted) and with the DJI Matrice 100 Autopilot? Again, please, if this is the case, it would be great that it was mentioned somewhere in the manuals.

Note that I checked the information about time synchronization in the manuals by looking at specific keywords and reading the phrases around them. These are the keywords that I tried so far: "sync", "stamp" and "time".

I am looking forward to your replies! Thanks in advance for the information,
The DJI Guidance is definitely a unique high-end piece of technology!


did you find out any more information about the synchronisation? I am facing the exact same problem at the moment. Guidance has several seconds delay compared to the flight controller.

Thanks for any info.

2017-3-17 18:38
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