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[Help] Guidance - adjust distance to object

Author: a.wolff 2015-10-20 13:33
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I am using the Guidance system on the Matrice 100.
Both have the latest firmware.
The performence of the guidance system is great but I am not able to reduce the detection or reaction distance to an object.
I tried to change the value for Braking Sensitivity form 4 to 1. But when i fly the kopter towards a wall the minimum distance I can get the kopter towards the wall stays the same, about 2.8 meters.
I seams to me that the change of the Braking Sensitivity value has no effect.
I am also not able to find more detailed informtion about Velocity Level and Braking Sensitivity appart form the popup information on the left hand side in the DJI Guidance App.

What do I need to do to reduce the distance to an object?

Thank you
Sorry that there is no way to reduce the minimum distance to an object at this moment. In the next version of Guidance Assistant, we'll provide such an option.
The braking sensitivity controls the distance to start braking, which is not  the same thing.
2015-10-21 15:14
Team, any updates, please?
2016-3-6 18:39
Team, please prompt us, where in Assistant v2 this option is located:

1. “Safety Distance” option for setting the minimum distance from obstacles. ... ce-100-and-Guidance

2016-3-11 02:00
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