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[Android] The DJI VR flight app i wrote for my self entertainment, and part of the code

Author: 微风小杨_ 2016-7-23 15:07
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Last edited by _微风小杨_ In 2016-7-29 09:53 Editor

    To get things short, here's the VR app i wrote, for a little history you can trace my previously posts.    Besides VR stereo output, the app have some cool functions , for example, a compass direct to your home location so you wont get lost. And video stream to another android phone via hotspot so it can view by multiple people
    I have test this out quite a while and with a few friends' report, it's stable now
    It's inconvenient for me to access in google playstore so i upload it onto github, with a part of some code. Rather than play it myself i would like to share this out. so here is the link
    the UI sort of like this
    for detail instruction you can see the help section
    after some tests i find the live stream not clear enough. I dont know how to get better h264 graphic, tried every api functions. If someone know how to do this, let me know thanks.

    BTW, if you think this helps, support me in playstore will be much appreciated, the name is "VR Flight for DJI" in playstore

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DJI SDK Support
Glad to see your apps!
2016-7-29 15:36
The APP on github is no longer available.
2016-8-23 00:31
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