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[Help] [Announcement] DJI Mobile SDK Tutorials Updated to SDK 3.0!

Author: DJI Mobile SDK 2016-2-26 14:56
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Last edited by DJI Mobile SDK Supporter In 2016-4-22 13:02 Editor

The following tutorials are published on Github Page, and all of them are updated with DJI Mobile SDK 3.0:


  • Creating a Camera Application: This is our introductory tutorial, which guides you through connecting to your drone's camera to display a live video feed in your app, through which you can take photos and videos.
  • How to create a Photo and Video Playback Application: A follow up to the FPV tutorial, this tutorial teaches you how to construct an application to view media files onboard a DJI drone's SD card, specifically for Phantom 3 Professional and Inspire 1.
  • Creating a Panorama Application: Learn how to build a cool panorama app. With the help of the powerful DJI SDK 3.0 and OpenCV libraries, it is actually easy. you will use the DJIWaypointMission feature of Intelligent Navigation and Virtual Stick to rotate the aircraft to take photos.
  • Creating a MapView and Waypoint Application: Teaches you how to construct a DJIWaypoint Mission app, which allows you to plot a flight route for your drone by placing waypoints on a map.
  • Creating a TapFly and ActiveTrack Missions Application : Learn how to use the TapFly and ActiveTrack Missions of DJI SDK 3.1 to create a cool application for Phantom 4. You will also get familiar with DJIMissionManager and using the Simulator of DJI Assistant 2 for testing.


If you come across any mistakes or bugs in this tutorial, please let us know using Github issues, a post on the DJI Forum,  email( and post questions on StackOverFlow with dji-sdk tag. Please feel free to send us Github pull request and help us fix any issues.

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