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[Discussion] what is app_bundle_id in Matrice 100?

Author: aJays 2015-9-6 00:36
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Last edited by aJays In 2015-9-5 11:37 Editor

I registered as a Level 1 developer at DJI, for developing an onboard application for the Matrice 100 (all I need right now is to pull some statistics out).

I don't understand the idea behind the whole process of registration and device connecting to DJI server to get my data. Nevertheless, when I "create app" on the website, it gives me an App ID (which is not 24-digits, as it says it will be), but I can't figure out what `app_bundle_id` is. I used the app's name to see if that works. I don't think the Matrice is allowing me to get through.

Could anyone please tell me what I should do?

Using ROS Indigo on Ubuntu 14. Wired USB-to-miniUSB connection to hook up Matrice 100.

Hi aJays:
Thanks very much for your post.
For the differences between level1 and level2, we refer you to the following webpage:
App ID for your case is 7 digits but NOT 24 digits. It’s a bug in our website and we are sorry for the confusion.
M100 flight platform can be used for some autonomous flight tasks. Because of this, a stricter security policy and the activation process is introduced.
“app_bundle_id” is reserved and will be functioning in future release.
You can find most of the answers here: ...
2015-9-11 22:08
I'd like to know what the difference is between level 1 and level 2 but the link referenced above is no longer valid. Could you please send an updated link or just explain here. Thank you.
2016-7-12 07:38
Are there different levels of DJI developers? Really?
2017-7-7 21:51
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