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[Discussion] [Guidance System] Tips, tuning, and calibration (For M100 platform)

Author: FreemanXu 2015-8-11 11:10
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This post is for DJI Matirce100 platform
DJI Guidance V1.2

Check the video here:
YouTube version
Tudou version

Here I want to highlight some parts.
1. If you install the guidance system on Matrice100 platform, make sure you select Standard as your work type in the View interface.

2. (For DIY aircraft) If you didn't install the sensors exactly the same as the manual, you must select DIY Aircraft

Then you must measure the coordinates for each sensor, and fill in the results here. Be careful with the directions of each axis.

3. (Important) When I record the caliberation video, the calibration process is different from the user manual. Though the screen didn't show the circle, I still managed to calibrate the sensors. However, before I test the system I did the calibration again, and that time was the same as the manual. All the pre-work was the same, I got two different versions of calibration interface. Anyway, your calibration should be the circle version if not try again.

4. When you calibrate the back sensor, the LED on the drone may interfere the sensor. I suggest you use a black tape to cover the LED.

5. If you make any changes to the guidance system or the sensors, you should recalibrate the guidance.

Guidance system obstacle sensoring test:
YouTube version
Tudou version

Thank you for your explanation. I installed the Guidance above M100, so I selected the DIY Aircraft. Then I changed the sensor position and calibrated cameras.  These operations  are all successful. However, during the actual operation in flying,  the app reminded "Obstacle perception function is not effective". Can you tell me how to solve this problem?
2016-4-5 17:01
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