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[Help!] dynamic homepoint how to activate

Author: schotelfreak@gm 2015-5-25 00:17
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In dji vision on my cellphone i can in settings turn on dynamic home point .
so far so good bit how can i activate this becouse after settin a v behind the setting the phantom does not change postion wili i am moving.
best regards Raymond
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Enable the "Dynamic Home Point" setting in the "Settings" section of the DJI Vision app.
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2015-5-25 02:13
after you slide the bar over on dynamic home point exit the app and go back in to verify that it saved the setting. When you power up you quad then next time it should retain that setting til you change it again.
2015-5-25 19:45
I think you may have misunderstood what "dynamic home point" is.  As I understand it, when set the "come home" location resets itself to the location of the iPhone every few minutes, meaning that if you lose communications (or the battery level drops sufficiently) the unit will come back to where you are, even if you have moved from the place where you launched the AVP.  

What you seemed to be describing was some kind of "follow me" mode, which is not available in the stock DJI app - although it does exist in some 3rd party apps.
2015-5-25 22:09
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It's not a follow me per say. It is a come back to me and land here if I loose signal and need to know where to go. But yes it will follows you to the last point you are at when it need to land. But not a follow me during flight type of procedure.  I thnk by what I have read most use GPS satellite lock rather than dynamic home point. What If phone battery get week or you lose GPS with phone or so forth. May not be a reliable. Not sure haven't tested it that much my self. May be good if you in a boat or moving about quite a it.
2015-5-29 19:30
Ive turned off DHP, the phone location according to my phone can move anything upto 30ft away from where im stood, i just let the quad lock its position and that where it lands if I do set a RTH in motion.

Most people flick the quad into RTH if they lose sight of it for any reason or lose orientation and then let it come back into view before cancelling RTH.

Never seen the point of it to be honest.
2015-5-30 01:15
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I too am confused with DHP.
According to the DJI page LINK I am supposed to tap the "H" and select (picture of remote with H) to reset the remote controller's coordinates as the new home point..

This should make the remote the new home point. No matter where I walk too that should be the new home point.

My problem is, when I press the "H" I don't have the icon with the remote control and the H

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2015-6-10 23:05
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